A friend* (*an ex) was given a flash drive of all of the newest and greatest from last year’s music for Christmas, and not having any music on my computer at work, I borrowed it to keep myself amused and maybe discover something new. Boards of Canada was one of my favorite finds.


Weaving rubber bands in and out of a post-it sounded like a great idea, but proved to be difficult, time-consuming, and in the end, underwhelming. I’ll have to keep thinking!



One thing that has struck me about some of the Tourisms collections are how much they remind me of other places. Like there’s a photo of a girl on a bike underneath the train tracks from Berlin that reminds me so much of Tokyo.

It also made me remember this quote from D.V., Diana Vreeland’s book. When I read it (and saw the movie, The Eye Has to Travel) I was struck by how much she talked about color and light. Like this:

Lighting is everything in a color… And the farther north you go, the more sense of color you get… I adore Scotland. If only I didn’t have to sleep there at night—it’s so bloody cold. I don’t like southern skies. To me, they’re not… enough. Although the most beautiful sky I’ve ever seen in my life was in the tropics, over Bahia—until I saw exactly the same sky over Hong Kong… the blue of the sky is identical. It’s a cold blue of hard enamel, and it’s too beautiful.”

So, here is the quality of light from around the world, courtesy of Tourisms:

AFulton-Meransen-4This is from Angus Fulton’s guide to Meransen, Italy. Was going through more of these the other day, and was in love with them all.

000002This is from Nicholas Hawker’s guide to Esbjerg, Denmark.

6From Mine Zoo’s guide to Cote d’Azur.

Ok, I’ll stop! But here’s a bonus one, Joana Lee’s guide to Amsterdam. Perhaps my favorite set of all of the above.