IMG_6541Was thinking more about my lunchtime walks. I think sometimes it’s useful to have structured time because it gives unstructured time more meaning. For me, the half hour or ten minutes I can take to walk outside in the sun is much more valuable to me than any other ten minutes during my day. But on the weekends, I don’t take these ten minutes for myself in the same way. Maybe there are those who can perfectly calendar in their ten minutes of relaxation and half hour of meditation, but I’m not like that. Like Allie Brosh, I have to trick myself into acting like a grown-up. So while there are things to hate about structured time, there are also reasons to be grateful for it (even if it is just to greater appreciate the time you spend away from it…).

Anyway, in my short bursts of freedom, I enjoy the aimless wandering. But sometimes following where my feet lead me takes me to things that I want to explore further. I’ll glimpse a new side street or a store front that looks good. So I take note, and the next day I make a beeline for whatever it was that caught my attention. I suppose this all sounds obvious, but I was also thinking of it as a metaphor for one’s career. You try this, you try that, and on the way something intrigues you. Through this process of “meandering” you can hone in on something more specific.

At least, that’s what I’m hoping. I’ve spent an awful lot of time meandering and then (metaphorically speaking) a lot of time peering at that cool thing from a half-block away and then, after hovering indecisively for an annoyingly long amount of time, walking away again. But maybe one of these days, I’ll have the balls to go up to it, check it out, see it feel it taste it touch it and know, finally, if it’s something I want or if I should just keep following where my feet take me.


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