Enjoyed this interview with Yuki Matsuo, who the creator of these wonderful map (there is also one of doughnuts and one for hamburgers):

I am not a foodie nor a gourmet, but am a sincere eater. I enjoy anything from White Castle to Minetta Tavern, Nissin Cup Noodle to Bassanova Ramen. But I try to decide what to eat by following my heart and stomach through every single meal. So I eat at White Castle when I really have a craving for it, not because it is the only option on a road trip. I eat Nissin Cup Noodle with excitement for a taste of my childhood.

Shotaro Ikenami(1923-1990) was one of the most popular historical period novelist / essayists in Japan. Also he was well known for being a gourmand, a hearty drinker and a heavy smoker. The food was the main subject on his essays and I truly enjoy his detailed descriptions of food and mouth-watering phrases. I remember a very memorable story. He said “I wonder how many meals I would be able to eat in my rest of life? It’s only 3 meals a day, 90 meals a month, 1095 a year. If I could live another 20 years, I can only have 21900 meals! Which means I can’t waste any of it, not with so much good food”. I think he was late 50s when he wrote this and he passed away at the age of 67. So he couldn’t complete 21900 meals… Some people will think 21900 meals are plenty, some people won’t, I won’t. Once you know that there is a limit, each meal becomes more special. Also, we should realize that we never know what will be our last supper.

(from here, again)

I too, am not a foodie, but a sincere eater. I like the way she says that.

P.S. Speaking of food, here’s a fun quiz to help you figure out what to have for lunch!

P.P.S. If I lived in New York… I would check out this film festival. Movies and food… a natural pairing!

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