Spied a cute little shop this weekend; headed somewhere from somewhere, I was zig-zagging down and across city blocks and hopped back across the street in the wrong direction to check it out. They had some beautiful things, tea and ceramics and shirts, which I would buy in a minute, if only… But the one thing that is definitely now on my wishlist is this amazing book: Color Moves: Art & Fashion by Sonia Delaunay, by Petra Timmer and Matteo de Leeuw-de Monti. I had never heard of her, but it is full of breathtaking textiles.

From another book about her:

Abandoning the decorative themes which have been known and repeated over the last ten years… [Sonia Delaunay] has launched out on a completely new kind of art, no longer artistic interpretation but creation.” – Robert Delaunay, 1923 (from Fashion and Fabrics: Sonia Delaunay, by Jacques Damase)

ColourMoves2 Picture+2  Delauney2P.S. They have a cool blog, too.


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