More blog greatness! Dispokino (via stopping off place):

01-Asta_Berling-toys_Profuond_blocks-in_Werk_1_196403-Asta_Berling-toys_Profuond_school-in_Werk_1_1964.jpg(from here)

06-Expo-kids-ufo00-Kinder-Astronauten-Musee-historique-de-lausanne(above two from here)

Expo-Echanges-SchildRolf Liebermann composed this piece for the Swiss Expo (National exhibition) 1964. It was displayed as an installation in the pavillion for banking, trade, insurance, office-organisation etc. They wanted to “make the offices talk for themselves”, as an “orchestra conducted by an electronic control unit”. It included 16 typewriters, 18 calculator machines, 10 cash registers, 12 punching card machines, 8 telexes, 16 telephones, 1 fork lift and many other machines that were new at the time and are now obsolete.

(from here)

Wilhelm_Kienzle-Naef_Trigon-Werk-1964b(from here)


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