The other day was in a fancy office. You know the kind – the kind that has a view that makes you think, Wow, This is what the place I live in looks like??

It made me think about all the different ways there are to know a place. I heard a bit on the radio the other day about a woman who grew up in San Francisco and it wasn’t until she was joined up with a mentor through some program that she went to Golden Gate Park! Growing up in a place is different than moving to a place when you’re a young adult, or returning to a place when you’re older. You see different things, are interested in different things, build different memories and have different experiences.

Most of the time I don’t look around the place I live and think Wow like I did when I saw that view from the fancy office. That doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful, it just means I don’t spend most of my time on the 30th floor of some building overlooking the lake. But how important is it to your everyday life to be in love with where you live?

I know that there are beautiful things all around – you can find the most mundane things beautiful if you frame it the right way. I take pleasure in finding interesting things wherever I am. And there are so many reasons to love a place, most of which don’t necessarily have to do with the reasons you’d list off at first. But I can’t say I love where I live. But is that of where I live, or because of me?

So – is it important to live somewhere where your physical surroundings keep you in a state of wonder and gratefulness? Or are other things more important? Is it about seeking beauty, or about cultivating an awareness of beauty?

Was going through some quotes I took down from various books I read, and came across this:

“One says to himself: No, there is not more beauty here than elsewhere… All these things mean nothing, are nothing, and have no heart, no worth. Yet there is much beauty here. There is much beauty here because there is much beauty everywhere.”

That’s from Letters to a Young Poet, by Rainer Rilke.

Or…. is the place you live about community? Or about creating community?

Speaking of building community, found this wonderful post about a family that started a Friday Night Meatball tradition, with wonderful results. Perhaps what is missing in my life is weekly meatball dinners (minus the meatballs)?


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