Took the long way back today to see some new things, and was blown away by the signage on this one particular stretch. It’s in that sweet spot where new (uncool) shops are coming in, but the things that have been there forever, well, they’ve been there forever. There were even restaurants that I thought were totally extinct and a restaurant in a log cabin (random). It was all a little Brigadoon or something. Anyway, didn’t have much of a chance to get out or get pictures while I was driving, but did manage to get this one at a stoplight.


This is in the same stretch (found this one online):


Made me think of how different things are when you’re walking (which is primarily how I get around) vs. when you’re driving (which I do less often). I was walking recently on the opposite side of the street than I usually walk on and was noticing all of this great signage for the first time, which I’d never noticed because it was on awnings or high on the building directly overhead. And this was after like a year of living there!

Some more great signage (on a smaller scale) from today:




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