More cool stuff from Codex. DANGER - ENDANGERED ZONES, linocut, 50X36MAUNA  ULU 802-4, linocut, 12x18. CALIFORNIA COAST 704, lincout, pronto plarte, 12x18by artist Barbara Milman (from here)PeLeVMPetrarch Press (from here)


As someone who relishes all the cheesy embellishments, foods, and color-coordinating of the holidays, I usually do something to mark the holidays, no matter how small or private (one lonely Christmas I tried making myself a small green construction-paper Christmas tree. It was a dismal failure!). So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, a (slightly more subdued) celebration of love, through the words of John Steinbeck to his son in a letter from 1958 (in case you can’t tell, I’ve fallen deeply down the rabbit-hole that is Brain Pickings).