I came across these tutorials by professional makeup artist Lisa Eldridge (when you’re sick and bored for long stretches of time it’s weird what you end up spending your time on). Anyway, I was intrigued by the way she described Clemence Poesy’s “natural palette” as it never occurred to me to think of the way the colors of someone’s hair, skin, and eyes work together to create a certain feel. This is what she says about Clemence:

She has that very very pale but golden skin, and the hair which is very café au lait, it’s very soft, muted, sort of minky blond. And then the very very pale blue eyes. It’s a really chic natural palette that she’s got. And I’ve always found when I’ve worked with her I don’t want to overpower that, I want to work with her natural coloring.

Anyway, a new way to think about and observe color!


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