Three of the raccoons were happy to climb out of the tree. One stayed behind

Sometimes the internet amazes me. Certain things are really hard to find and then you just stumble on a whole bunch of websites dedicated to the kinds of noises raccoons make.

For instance, on this site you can listen to “Sad Baby Raccoon” or “Stay away I’m scared I might bite you” (you can own either track for $0.99 btw).

In this post, entitled “Noises in the Attic at Night,” you can figure out what kind of creature you might have depending on the types of noises it makes. This includes:

Thumping: If you hear thumping in your attic at night, it’s most likely a larger animal, such as a raccoon or opossum, engaged in jumping from one area of the attic to another, actively shoving or destroying something, or dragging something heavy.

Scratching: Most animals scratch in the attic, to clear out space for nesting, or maybe to bury food. Raccoons, rats, mice, and squirrels all scratch. You’re most likely dealing with a nocturnal animal since you hear noises at night, so it may not be squirrel. The size of the animal is hard to tell – many factors influence the volume of the noise. A little mouse scratching directly on the sheetrock right above your head in a quiet house will sound louder than a big raccoon scratching a wood beam somewhere far off in the attic, in a house with a lot of background noise.

Rolling ball noises: Likely squirrels or rats rolling nuts.

Vocal noises: Most likely raccoon. Rats, mice, opossums, and squirrels don’t make vocal noises in the attic. This is a good clue that you’ve got a raccoon or a family of coons. Read below for the details regarding raccoon noises.

Another site, which features a sound bite entitled “Three of the raccoons were happy to climb out of the tree. One stayed behind.” also boasts:

This is the only site on the Web with a comprehensive collection and explanation of raccoon sounds.

Oh yeah.


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