There’s this fantastic book, Doors, by Val Clery:

If windows are the eyes of a house, a door is its mouth. Windows are passive, doors are active. Through windows we glimpse what is and what happens, but when we pas through a doorway we encounter and most likely become involved in what lies beyond.

Doors remain closed to tell us of our rejection or of another’s seclusion, doors open to welcome us or to engulf and imprison us, doors frame our farewells or joyful reunions or tearful reconciliations, door slam like periods at the ends of scenes of anger or frustration or bewilderment, doors beckon us to a haven when the world has become too demanding or wearying or threatening and enclose us in love and warmth and familiarity, guarding us solidly from peril and weather and the unknown. Yet doors admit surprises and delights, fresh air, new friends or long-lost lovers, good news, unexpected gifts, longed-for responses, the quick kindness of neighbors, the regular brisk cheer of the mailman.

The frontier crossings between outside and inside, between social and personal, between public and private, between Them and Us, doors mark out our moments of truth, our points of contact, on their hinges swing our fates through them we go from one passage of our lives to another, retreating, arriving, departing, returning….

Turns out he wrote lots of other things. Check out this fantastic list of some of his work:

  • Ballad of the Bicycle (television)
  • For All The Good Intentions (radio)
  • The Trains (radio)
  • Doors (book, 1978)
  • Windows (book, 1978)
  • Angels (book, 1979)
  • Cities (book, 1979)
  • Dragons (book, 1979)
  • From The Kitchens of the World : A Canadian Feast (book, 1981)
  • The Solo Chef (book, 1981)
  • Executive Guide to Fitness (book, 1982)
  • Back To Roots (book, 1983)
  • The Haunted Land (book, 1983)
  • The Lumber King (book, 1983)
  • Buon Gusto! : The Best Recipes From Five Top Italian Restaurants in Toronto


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