Excerpts from an article about how sound affects your sense of taste:

  • Research has shown that if people hear the sound of that packaging being crumpled while they’re eating… chips, they will think that the chips are crisper, crunchier, fresher, better only because that sound is being played in the background.
  • When you’re surrounded by very high decibel level, your taste perception goes down. So loud music means the food will have less flavor. It also it works the same in an airplane where you have a high decibel level. And that’s one of the reasons why you get less taste perception on an airplane.
  • Listening to food also clues you in on important information when you’re preparing food. Some chefs can tell whether food is being properly cut by the sound of the knife on a cutting board.
  • In a study conducted by Charles Spence, sweet flavors are associated with higher-pitched sounds and bitter flavors correspond to lower-pitched sounds.

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