Found some notes I’d taken on my old cell phone. Back when slide phones were the thing. For the most part, I’m not sure what I was trying to remember, but they’re kind of confusing/hilarious/poetic now:

  • Guy on bus this morning. Smells. Placenta pins, bulk order. Band. Mix cds. Firefighter chili bake.
  • Bleat in terror. Delicate but surprisingly strong. Dream Eames chair gomi neighbors. Deposit check, hair, sunscreen, emails.
  • Two hour lunches. Eff control parent. Choc st, corona.
  • Maps. Kinokunia. Diagrams.
  • Matcha, leaf-wrapped mochi.
  • Cheap wrapping, bras, undies, coffee, jatte.
  • Don’t have hapmus vocab.

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