“elegy for the old hunt’s”

…Any time of the day or night
one could buy
gold chains, bear claws,
bicycle seats, éclairs,
DVDs, chocolate covered old fashioneds,
CDs, buttermilk bars…

There were cops and crackheads,
Yuppies and bums,
The cool, the trendy,
And the clueless.

All of us
Needed a donut

– Bucky Sinister, All Blacked Out & Nowhere to Go

Found some notes I’d taken on my old cell phone. Back when slide phones were the thing. For the most part, I’m not sure what I was trying to remember, but they’re kind of confusing/hilarious/poetic now:

  • Guy on bus this morning. Smells. Placenta pins, bulk order. Band. Mix cds. Firefighter chili bake.
  • Bleat in terror. Delicate but surprisingly strong. Dream Eames chair gomi neighbors. Deposit check, hair, sunscreen, emails.
  • Two hour lunches. Eff control parent. Choc st, corona.
  • Maps. Kinokunia. Diagrams.
  • Matcha, leaf-wrapped mochi.
  • Cheap wrapping, bras, undies, coffee, jatte.
  • Don’t have hapmus vocab.